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The brand

An eponymous fashion label for the woman who appreciates and indulges in eclectic luxury in every aspect of her life. The garments rely on intricate tailoring techniques along with carefully studied pattern making. The finishing and the surface embellishments are usually made by hand. This, while is a very strenuous process, ensures an un-paralleled experience for the wearer.

The products and the lifestyle offered, come with great thought and a very high attention to detail. Each and every design that comes out of our studio has taken birth in extensive research. This research is always about design concepts and tradition backed modern designing technology.

Our creative philosophy is an effort to explore and define modern and sharp design voice; while simultaneously drawing inspiration from the men’s wear tailoring techniques and ethnic craft. Our designs have a sensorial appeal and subtle elegance, meant to be enjoyed by the wearer. Opulence is communicated through progressive narrative, which ultimately takes the form of a garment.

A constant endeavor towards perfection in every little step forms our foundation. The raw materials and other services are chosen from partners who offer consistent high quality to give our customers, an exceptional experience in luxury. Working with an international team of creatives on various aspects of the design process, the philosophy is to be globally relevant. A team of artisans who take pride in giving their very best, form our workforce.


Creative Director : Aravind Criton

A firm believer in the method of design which starts with a conceptual thought and travelling through extensive research to arrive at an understanding and personalising of the same concept to create details and ultimately the complete experience of the product. Always looking to enhance life’s experiences by creating another layer of beauty he is often found exploring various studies on arts and in particular, those of obscure origins. A passion to pursue the unknown makes him question the conventions in most of his expressions. 

While pursuing his Masters Degree at Domus Academy, Milan, he was able to interact closely and work on projects mentored by designers and brands such as Antonio Berardi,  Monica Tempesta, Frankie Morello and 7 for all Mankind. These experiences greatly influenced his design philosophy and outlook on the fashion trade. 

His other interests involve painting large canvasses and abstract conceptual photography, both of which influence his designs to a large extent.