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Aravind Criton is a contemporary women's wear luxury fashion brand, from Bangalore, India. The designer wear label offers conceptually crafted Bridal wear, Evening gowns, dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, suits, jackets, and related pret-a-porter separates.

With exquisite construction and tailoring techniques, Aravind Criton’s garments are designed to empower the modern contemporary woman and give her a strong global fashion voice. Shop online now, from e-boutique, A.Criton “arvind criton” 

Defining Luxury Fashion.

“An arrested monarch has within her;
flowers of diamonds and dreams of pure gold.
When she struggles within her shackles;
the flowers get crushed and the diamonds break into pure dust.
The diamond shards cut her heart;
And she bleeds dying a little every day.”~ Aravind Criton

We launched ourselves as a luxury women’s wear fashion brand and sought to give life to the words penned above.

Pitted carefully between fragility and hardness the last two designer collections have been poetically in tandem with each other. We wanted to set the tone with Arrested Monarch, with its conceptual and modern design philosophy. With ‘Mineral Cracks’ on the other hand, we aimed at broadening the narrative with contemporary renditions.

Inspiration was a woman who is a ruler by the official decree. With this collection, we created an imagery of an alpha-woman who also craves for love, embrace and some shade in scorching spotlight, that is always on her. The power, so coveted, becomes a shackle for her. Her place in the political and social hierarchy gets complex by the day and she is needed by everyone, stretched too thin for her own good. We were so intrigued to tell our interpretation of this character through our collection.

Her heart longed for the walks in the garden, that used to leave her soul heavy with the fragrance of the blooms. She craves for the cool evenings spent under the moonlight. Time spent holding the hand of the beloved, who no longer exists. This yearning is translated into design.

Collage from visual research.

With this collection we tried to delve into lesser visible facets of the power corridors. On the outside, the collection predominantly used monotones and strong, clean silhouettes. We chose fabrics used in men’s suiting, to give it the desired character. Bereft of the bright colours and the use of grand embellishments. The adornments were minimal and conceptual. For us, the textures, the silhouettes and the textiles are all developed in tandem. There is never a routine we follow, thus giving each element enough space to grow.

The more intimate aspects of the garment were designed keeping in mind only the way the garment communicates to the wearer. Each garment has a story, at times only told to the one who don’s the garment. Hand-hemmed dresses finished to a very high degree with luxurious silk linings, that is truly fit for the royalty. We aimed to make the wearer, feel grand in every way possible. With every stitch, we wanted to communicate the luxury and concept that went into creating the garment. Every flower and every embellishment is carefully placed to evoke a poetic thought.We were very careful to not be generous with that. 

Beauty, we feel loses its essence when scattered away. The textures were developed keeping in mind that true designer luxury in fashion should be sensorial and should be more than what is obvious.